My Approach

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Details of the various models

I mainly make five models of guitar as shown in the table below.

These can also be made left-handed to special order.


lower bout


upper bout

scale length

1. Modern





2. Torres





3. Torres small





4. Short Scale


5. Recquinto


Dimensions depend on the scale length required.
Customer to specify scale length and strings to be used.
You may need to supply strings when ordering the instrument.

1. Although the largest, the Modern is still probably below average in size and is my own outline for a slightly larger and more modern appearance.
I have made this model in a cutaway design. Fits Hiscox GCLM case.

2. The Torres is an outline copy of Torres’ FE 19. Near to the optimum size in my opinion. Fits Hiscox GCLS case.

3. Torres small ~ This is an outline copy of Torres’ FE 18. Lower bout width is 29.5cm.
It may look like a novelty but is an entirely serious concert instrument, especially for ensemble playing, where its sound will carry along with a larger guitar
while remaining distinct. But you don't have to take my word for it ~ a simple click <here> will take you to Ikuo Hasegawa's unsolicited testimonial.

4. Ideal for those with smaller hands but retaining the powerful projection of all my guitars.
Pictures of an example of this model can be found in the Gallery ~ second row from the bottom of the page.

5. This model can be supplied as a recquinto ~ specify scale length and intended strings.


The advantage of having a custom handmade guitar is that I can follow your personal specifications. Such individual instruments attract individual
pricing, so it is no longer possible to quote 'typical' figures here. Suffice it to say that my guitars remain highly competitive when compared to other
quality instruments with a similar specification. As a rough guide only, a basic model could cost from as little as 3,500
So, for the sake of a 'phone call, why not ring me to discuss your requirements and get a more accurate guideline price?

My guitars can also be found at:

Bristol Spanish Guitar Centre


I will quote for repairs to a variety of stringed instruments but, apart from repairs to guitars made by me, only if I have the time available.


From time to time, I shall also be offering finished guitars for immediate purchase. Hand-built to the same exacting standards used for my
custom made guitars, these are ideal for the player who needs a quality instrument but who is unable to wait for one to be built to order.
This can happen when a treasured instrument is lost, stolen or damaged and an immediate replacement is required.

The Aranjuez model

In November 2000 a guitarmakers contest was organised to commemorate the centenary of the birth of the Joaquin Rodrigo. It was held in Aranjuez.
I prepared a special guitar with Rio Rosewood back and sides with decoration specially cut from a piece of rippled and flamed Jarrah.
The neck was spliced around a centre of Jarrah which also formed the heel cap, bindings and head fascia.
I carved a relief into the head through the fascia and contrast interleaved veneers. I shaped the sides of the head to match the machine head backplates.
In sound as well as decoration I pulled out all the stops. The winner was the son of Madrid’s most famous luthier ~ Manuel Contreras.
No other placings were announced. I did get to meet Simon Ambridge and spoke with the father and son luthiers Rodriguez.
That guitar sold immediately but I could make you one to the same specification.

Future designs

Actually, I have a couple of other designs I’d like to try. A shape I have here that is 33cm across would make a lovely guitar
and I have ideas for a cutaway design which would allow thumb in neck playing up to position 16.
Since originally writing this
I have been fortunate enough to secure commissions forboth of these types and the results can now be seen in the GALLERY.