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The Modern Standard

To start with, we have a standard 'modern' style guitar with a 650mm scale length, featuring Rubner machine heads.


Now for a look at some of my other models

The pictures below are of the guitar referred to in 'Future Designs' [Models page].
It is a full scale length instrument with a reduced size body ~ just 33 cm wide and produces a lovely distinctive sound.

This next guitar explored the possibility of making the cut-away design referred to in 'Future Designs' [Models page], where access to the back of the neck as
well as the fingerboard was included. It was changed and refinished a couple of times. Structural integrity required a substantial redesign of the neck joint.
After all this work I decided it was a success but wasn't aesthetically acceptable. The second example looks a lot better.
It plays very well too, as its owner keeps reminding me.


Examples of front construction designs.

The first is standard except for a treble stiffening bridge extension. The next is a simple trellis work stiffening with waist bar.
The third is trellis work and a cross brace. NB: the bass side lower bout strut is not attached to the front but arches across it.
The longer cross struts can give a lower and darker tone and resonance if that is what is desired.


Examples of headstock designs

The first is a standard head design of my own ~ simple and straightforward.  The second is the time-honoured three-arch design.
Next comes the same but with a split Fleur de Lys carved through the veneer layers. This is how I usually decorate my top specification guitars.
The fourth is a reverse tapered design reminiscent of Reinhardt's style of guitar.
It does actually run the strings at a better angle across the nut although the traditionalists may not want it.
The last is an attractive 'mirror' version of the traditional head.



Some other guitars

A more standard style cut-away guitar with a slightly reduced body size.
This parallel sided heel contrasts with the normal heel and part of the shoulder on my previous cut-away designs (last picture).


This next guitar was made for a player with small hands. It has a 600mm scale length but plays well in concert pitch.
In addition it was made as an example of a non-tropical rainforest instrument with Tasmanian Blackwood, American
Red Elm and Laburnum in place of  Rosewood, Mahogany and Ebony.


Here are a number of illustrations of Torres style guitars.