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Response to a recent commission for a player in Australia:

Rik Middleton has come to Oz in the guise of an elegantly crafted classical guitar
specially made for a Western Australian friend who commented as follows:

“Rik is a very fine luthier and this particular hand-crafted guitar displays his many gifts.
The Instrument is constructed of flamed maple with a spruce top and a rosette of circular rings
in the manner of some of Torres’ early guitars. The recipient specifically requested a Torres style
guitar and Rik has produced the goods. The instrument is easy to play and has Rik’s subtly arced
finger-board which makes barring a breeze. The intonation is spot on and the tone is very refined.
This much-loved guitar will be my preferred instrument for many years to come.”

Matthew and Portia"The guitar arrived the other day and I'm having a fine time with it.
I don't know exactly how it is that you shape the neck but the playability...
well, my left hand thinks that Christmas has come, which I guess it nearly has.
My right hand, meanwhile, is enjoying experiments with tone colour.
Attached is a photograph of two family members enjoying your guitar.
Merry Christmas,"

Matthew (with Portia).

"I am a professional guitarist living in Tokyo. I own a small Torres guitar made by you. I have been using it since 2000 and am very happy with it.
In fact I have just done my recital using your guitar. The audience (as well as me) was amazed by the sweetness and loudness of your small guitar.
It is very easy to play and I can do my own music without any kind of physical or mentally stressed feeling.
My students and guitarist friends are all impressed by your instrument."

Ikuo Hasegawa.

"As for your guitar, what can I say ~ nothing bad!! It's loud, colourful, warm and the treble sound can only be described as magic. ... it strikes
me that you take a lot of interest and great care in your guitars, which is only natural I suppose, but it's comforting to know I have a guitar
from a highly skilled and passionate luthier. In today's turbulent world it is nice to meet someone kind and helpful who takes pride in their work.
If I get a spare 3 or 4 thousand in the near future then you can build me a really exotic looking and magical sounding instrument!"
Richard Fereday.

"I have just played one of your 1999 cedar guitars ... Of all the guitars I have played, it is the most player-friendly. When I played ... I couldn't
believe how much the instrument helped my left hand and how easy the scale runs were. There was a lovely cushioned and springy feel to it.
Also, the high end of the first string was very pure and ringing. I think that your neck profiling is the best I've seen and the instrument was
visually stunning as well. All-in-all, I rate your guitar as the second best I have ever played (the best being my own Christopher Dean).
It made my heart beat more quickly and for that I thank you!"

"I bought one of your guitars, the Aranjuez model I believe... ...and I thought that I would drop you a line to say how much I still enjoy it.
I have used it for performances and the guitar really comes alive in large acoustic places. The sound it produces appears to be getting better
and better. I hope that... continue with what clearly is a passion to you ~ the making of quality guitars. In consequence, your guitars
allow the player to keep alive the passion of music making."


Guitarist Profiles

Michael Martin

"Rik's guitar is a dream to play! Made from Spruce and Rosewood I happened upon it by chance.
One dark and stormy afternoon in January 2007 I took refuge in the Spanish Guitar Centre Bristol.
I decided to play a few concert guitars. I picked up Rik's guitar never having heard of him.
About three bars into Una Limosna (by Barrios) it struck me that this was an exceptional box.
I decided to pay Rik a visit. He showed me a variety of guitars.
Some were made of very exotic woods and there certainly was a characteristic 'feel' to his instruments for the left hand.
The attractive appearance was a bonus because that aspect means little if the sound won't work for you!"

His < website > enables you to hear him play and hear the sound of his Middleton guitar. Also see: https://youtube/Bv5Ej9Mtxxg

Colin Chettle

I constructed a guitar to order for Colin Chettle who, in addition to other requirements, needed a left-handed guitar.
Colin visited me on a number of occasions during the construction of the guitar and took pictures.
I felt that it would be interesting to hear what it feels like to witness a guitar being made especially for you.
So I asked him to write an article to go with those pictures and the result is < here >

Matthew Sear

“My Rik Middleton guitar is my main guitar and has been since I was introduced to the Middleton range in 2002.
The ease of play is superb and the guitar helps me attain the kind of expression I need when performing.
The subtlety of tone is rich and warm and the dynamic range extremely responsive.
I am proud to be associated with Rik Middleton guitars.”

Visit Matthew's website < here > Listen to 'S.L Weiss - Fantasie in C minor' played on a Middleton guitar < here >

Roger Montgomery

If you follow the links from Roger's website < here > you will see him playing three of his own compositions on his Middleton guitar.
Please remember that the sound you hear is somewhat limited by this method of presentation and the often moderate quality of a computer's sound system.